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“Google Now” has arrived in Malaysia – what now?


So recently, I got to play with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that comes with the latest Android version – Jelly Bean. Of course, there are tonnes to talk about when it comes to Jelly Bean & the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but I’m going to focus on the very thing that got me shaking with joy from eyebrow to ... Read More »

Instagram MADNESS – now with web profiles!


So I’ve been test-driving the HTC Desire X – an Android device for almost 3 weeks now and for the first time ever, I’ve gone nuts over an app which I’ve been deprived of when I was using Windows Phone – yes, Windows Phone doesn’t have it yet BUT it’s coming… I hope… Instagram madness It’s really quite crazy how ... Read More »

Malaysian Windows 8 survival guide & review


So Windows 8 has finally arrived in Malaysian shores. Like many launches of major product releases around the world – Malaysia got it launched 3 days later – 29th October 2012. BUT… because Microsoft’s official worldwide availability date was 26th October 2012; thanks to the wonders of the Internet and the power of Google – a quick search revealed the ... Read More »

HTC Desire X – a Malaysian review


Sometimes when you eat too much durian – you get a little of tired of that same grimy, gooey, yellowy texture and you want to taste something new. That exact thing happened to me; except, it wasn’t a fruit but my Windows Phone. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love the operating system – I just needed a quick ... Read More »

2 AMAZING ways to beat the Automated Enforcement System (AES)?!


So if you haven’t heard, we now have automated cameras to capture our speeding and traffic light offenses! Image from In the 1st 8 days of operation with just 14 cameras in operation, the AES managed to capture 63,558 offences. Since each offence carries a fine of RM 300 – that’d be 19 million ringgit for those 8 days ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Acro S – the torture & review


It’s been a long time since I last reviewed an Android phone and so when Sony released their Sony Xperia Acro S, I asked to take a peek & possibly torture Some quick specs…  4.3 inch 720p HD BRAVIA Reality Display with wet finger tracking (more on this later)  Google Android 4.0 ICS  1.5Ghz Dual Core processor  12.1 megapixel with ... Read More »

Nissan Leaf the 100% electric car – a Malaysian perspective


This article was previously featured in my ECYAT section of TM’s Want the very latest tech updates? Be sure to check it out! I don’t usually talk about cars in my tech blog but because this car is sooooo high-tech and it has entered Malaysian shores, I decided to give it some thought. Before I get into the real ... Read More »

Google Maps Malaysia with LIVE Traffic updates – does it WORK?


This article was previously featured in my ECYAT section of TM’s Want the very latest tech updates? Be sure to check it out So if you haven’t heard, YES – the one luxury that the entire world has been enjoying (okay fine just a handful of countries) has finally landed in Malaysia! Behold, the world of Google Maps with Traffic ... Read More »

The NEW iPad with a stupid name – to buy? to upgrade? to not buy?


UPDATE It’s finally in Malaysia on the Friday, 20th of April 2012. This article was previously featured in my ECYAT section of TM’s Want the very latest tech updates? Be sure to check it out So here’s the deal, the day came and left – 7th March 2012 – the day many techies like me waited till around 2AM, ... Read More »

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