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A day filled with strange strange shots…


Sometimes your day is filled with strangeness… last Flyday was one of them… I was going through my photo gallery and discovered numerous shots… here are some of them… The monster sandwich coming out of a bag… Lots of lettuce & tomatoes + thick slices of turkey ham + lotsa EGGS with light mayo – all enveloped in a mega ... Read More »

My first ‘proper’ attempt at fasting


The Ramadhan month came and went… and now we’re in the Raya month. Been wanting to write this entry but have been super bogged down with work. So anyway, with the rhythm set – let’s talk about how it all started… How it started.. It was the fasting month and I tried to fast one of the weekends… woke up ... Read More »

MTV World Stage 2010 with Katy Perry and more… Part 1 of 2

So MTV World Stage 2010 LIVE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia came and left… but there were tonnes of memories… including one where my heart was fluttering, my cheeks were red, I had sweaty palms and for some strange reason, my cheeks vibrated when I spoke… (I’m not kidding – Fabes & Amrita our producer saw it…) Katy Perry got my ... Read More »

Possibly the biggest UNDIES in the world!


I’ve wanted to blog about this for sometime now… since I’ve got a bit of time today, why not? Torture mechanics… Showstopper 2010 edition – is a feature we have on the Fly FM Pagi Show where every weekday at the 9 o’clock hour, all 3 of us – Phat Fabes, Nadia & myself would pick a song while you ... Read More »

The BenDia torture revealed…


So if you read my last post, you’d notice that I was ranting about how I’d be tortured with Nadia because we both lost for the ShowStopper 2010 Edition. Every punishment is tailor made We’ve had various punishments in the past and every punishment was tailor made to suit the torture-ee <- if there’s such a word. Fabes had his ... Read More »

Stick figures, a bad boy, upcoming torture & 6th sense


It’s a Sunday… I’ve waited till today to see if there’s anything worth talking about. To be honest, apart from that ONE FEAR that I’ll be tortured tomorrow morning with Nadia because we lost the ShowStopper. Trust me, in a land hidden far far away, Amrita our Producer is silently devising a plan to torture us mentally, physically and… yeah ... Read More »

Clothes peg torture…


The most feared thing by the Pagi Show The Showstopper 2010 edition – is by far the most feared thing the Pagi Show endures EVERY SINGLE day… it’s nasty… it’s weird… it’s torturous… it’s simple – we pick a song each, you – the listener votes, one of us with the least number of votes loses for the day, biggest ... Read More »

The worm Albert vs Nadia

Showstopper 2010 Edition If you have never heard of the showstopper, well – it’s a feature we have on the Fly FM Pagi Show at 9am every weekday morning. All 3 of us will pick a song each and the song with the most number of votes gets played at the end of the hour. Sounds simple? Well, our Producer ... Read More »

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