5 reasons why Carlist.my is the BEST Malaysian car app out there!

I am a car fanatic. I love cars. I love checking out the latest tech and gizmos that are in the latest models and classifieds were one of my favourite sections of the newspaper.

In fact, I love cars so much that I wish there were ‘mobile phone upgrade’ options where you’d get an affordable way to upgrade your car much like how the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out and they are offering special ‘trade-in’ deals. Ooh, the curves on the new model are just so SEXY! 😛 I digress.

I don’t usually write about apps but this fella deserves a shout.

  • One – It’s Malaysian-made, owned and run #MalaysiaBoleh.
  • Two – They recently revamped the app and it’s SO SUPER SMOOTH!

Whether you’re planning to sell your car (for a newer sexier model) or buying a used / re-con / new car or you’re just like me and love seeing car offers – you’ve got to load up the CarList.my app.

5 reasons why it’s spectacular…
#1 – It is NOT designed by giraffes

It’s clean, super fast and VERY user-friendly (some apps are so bad it makes you think giraffes designed it; and no, giraffes cannot design)

#2 – Watches your back

Malaysian petrol prices are MAD – and this app pushes you the latest prices automatically! #nice

#3 – Super search

The Carlist.my app search is incredible – it can be super simple or you can go to the level of Einstein

#4 – Pick and compare (like fruits at a market)

Pick your favourites and compare! This is one of my personal favourites…

#5 – Private messaging

Direct messaging with sellers – chat / message, do it however you want – imagine WhatsApp but for your car craze only. Your secret is safe. Your wife, girlfriend, mother or grandma will never open this app to check your car negotiation messages.

So proud of this Malaysian app. Since we all love free stuff and the Carlist.my app is FREEdownload-jelah!

Download Carlist.MY for Android
Download Carlist.MY for iOS

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