Microsoft Surface Pro 3, is it an iPad + laptop killer?

When the original Surface first appeared, I was ecstatic – especially after drooling over all those launch pictures and videos from the US.

The Surface RT which I fell in love with…


It was a device I thought that would finally change the face of computing and probably give the almighty iPad a bit of competition.

The Surface RT was great as a 1st gen machine – great screen, great keyboard integration, had a USB port and loved the fact that it came with all the office applications – word, excel, powerpoint, outlook BUT the greatness only lasted for a while. To put it simply, it is a great Microsoft Office device; and that sums it up.

Yes, I said it.

If you do lots of work on any of the Office Apps – the RT is great for you; of course you can play a bit of games, listen to music, surf the net and download apps from the Windows Store (which about a year back had a handful of apps designed for Windows RT).

Problem was, Windows RT could only run Microsoft Office and download apps from the Windows Store – nothing else. Download a new browser from the web and BAM! Sorry, it’s not possible. Install a PC game? Nope. Install Photoshop? Dream-freaking-on. You get the idea 😛

Microsoft hasn’t been sleeping…
In fact, they’ve been WIDE awake burning the midnight oil…thinking of ways to perfect the Surface.

Behold… the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Finally, the promise was that this machine could literally replace both your tablet and your desktop. That this machine would make some Apple fanboys ‘giddy’ like a goat or jealousy; whichever you prefer.

Question is, does it REALLY?

It’s a resounding YES! And here’s why…

Improved in every way…
The original Surface was a beautiful machine, the Surface Pro 3 brings along the incredible built & fine lines of its predecessors, has a bigger; higher resolution screen, is thinner, stronger, lasts longer (up to 9 hours of battery life) and is significantly more powerful – just imagine a super model version of the hulk.



This fella is THIN & LIGHT! See it sitting next to the Macbook Pro



Perfecting the built-in stand… you can finally have unlimited standing / viewing angles for the Surface Pro 3…


Quite impressed with this hinge – most people thought it’d wear off after awhile, I’ve been torturing it for sometime now and still has that ‘thunk!’ when you close it!


Improved sight & sound…
It almost seems like the engineers at Microsoft have a selfie addiction – they gave this fella a 5 megapixel front & back camera! If that’s not enough, not one but two louder front facing speakers… here’s one right at the edge of the screen…


Multitasks way more!
In previous generations – due to screen size we could only have 2 apps running side by side on the same screen but not on the Surface Pro 3!


Eat-as-many-apps-as-you-like buffet!
You can finally install anything and everything you want.


Full fledge Adobe Photoshop? Sure!


This literally is the biggest point for me. The freedom of app choice and not bound by just the Windows Store. Gaming world here I come!

Then of course, there’s the pen!
It’s not just a plain old stylus.


It’s a pretty clever one. One-click when the device is in sleep mode turns it on automatically and reveals Microsoft OneNote for Note taking…


Double-click and it takes a screen shot!


It’s probably one of the best ‘pen’ feeling styluses I’ve used. Some are just too light but the weight on this fella is just right.

What about the Windows Store eco-system?
Every Surface comes with a Desktop interface for normal Windows use and of course the Start Screen for full-screen apps which you get from the Windows Store.


In the past year, it seems the Windows Store has matured quite a bit and today you’ve got a plethora of apps from facebook to twitter, foursquare, flipboard, instagram… literally every important social network or app that we use on our mobile devices are already here.

Oh and it’s FASTTTT…
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 currently comes in a few configurations starting a RM 2,729 for the the Intel Core i3 model all the way to RM 6,799 for the top end Core i7 model.

All of them come with SSD (solid state drives) so starting this device is FAST, launching apps – BUTTERY SMOOTH. In the time I’ve had this fella it never had a hiccup nor a snore – it really was silky smooth all the way.

Still… the BIG question… what don’t I like about it?

  1. The Surface Pro 3 is still too big to be carried around all the time like a tablet. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still portable and light but it’s just awkward holding it by your side while shopping.
  2. The other one would be the Surface Pro 3 stylus. I love the pen but I just wish there’s a place to slot it into the device (but that’d make the device thicker) so Microsoft has provided a pen loop holder instead.
  3. Third would be the fact that I can be a bit cheap. Yes, although it’s perfectly fine to use the Surface’s onscreen keyboard but at RM 2,729, can’t Microsoft throw in the super cool keyboard for free? That’s a RM 409 option.


  • Will this replace my laptop?
    Abso-freaking-lutely. It has already replaced my Macbook Pro.
  • Will this replace my iPad?
    Err no. Not quite yet. It’s still my baby.

Will I recommend anyone to buy this?
It’s a no brainer. Starting at 2,700+, yes it’s a price of a laptop but it’s a very cool, sleek, well built and can be powerful (depending on the configuration you choose) that comes with a gorilla glass (super solid, crack resistant) touch screen AND a stylus pen AND both front facing & rear cameras AND comes with a super cool built-in stand.

Oh, it’s also a chick magnet 🙂 Girls drool over it’s slickness.

Enough about me, will you buy this super model incredible Hulk version of a laptop + tablet hybrid?

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