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5 BIG tips to improve battery life on your iPhone 5

So one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone 5 is the battery life despite Apple’s claim that it is meant to outperform it’s older siblings. Like many users, I’ve experienced similar battery issues so I did my research and found the iPhone 5 to REALLY outperform many other phones out there and this isn’t according to Apple – these are by independent researchers!


What exactly am I doing wrong then?
After a bit of tinkering with the phone, I believe I’ve found a number of culprits that are massive battery suckers. The result? From lasting only 3/4 of a day, I’m now left with typically 15-20% battery life by the end of the day!

The 5 culprits

Culprit #1 – WiFi
Always turn off the WiFi when you don’t need it – Apple usually leaves this on by default to help with location services but you’ll do fine with it turned off.

Photo May 10, 23 43 37

Culprit #2 – Notifications
Whenever you install an app – many times you’d be asked if you’d like ‘push notifications’ – most people just say YES. Before you hit that button, think HARD. Do you really need this app to be listening out for push messages? An app like Google Chrome for instance – do you really need a web browser to send you alerts? If you don’t need it, hit NO.

The more apps you have ‘listening’ out for notifications – the more battery you’ll consume. Here’s how to turn off the ones you’ve accidentally turned on.

Settings > Notifications

Look for the items that are in the ‘in notification centre’

Photo May 10, 23 43 59

Select the app you don’t want notifications from and turn off everything…

Photo May 10, 23 44 18

Photo May 10, 23 44 23

Once it is turned off, that app will be listed at the bottom of the page in the ‘not in notification centre’

Photo May 10, 23 44 04

Culprit #3 – Non-stop vibration
The little vibrator takes up quite a bit of juice. So only have it enabled when required. Personally, I’ll set the phone to automatically turn off the vibration if the phone is NOT in silent mode.

Settings > Sounds

Photo May 10, 23 44 36

Just turn off ‘Vibrate on Ring’

Culprit #4 – WhatsApp
If you use this popular messaging app – these two tweaks will help improve battery life.

Photo May 10, 23 45 30

Turn off In-App vibrate (it’s in WhatsApp Settings)
By default when you’re in a conversation with someone and someone else messages you – the phone usually displays a little notification above and vibrates – this basically turns off the vibrate. Less vibration, more battery life

Turn off alerts for Group Notifications
Often times you’re placed in a group and when conversations happen between group members – you get notifications and vibrations regardless if the conversation really matters to you. I usually turn the Alerts off and periodically check the group to see the latest updates. Less alerts, more battery life :)

Culprit #5 – Auto Brightness
This feature is on by default by some may accidentally turn it off. Make sure the “Auto-Brightness” mode is turned on at all times. This allows the built-in sensor to regulate brightness depending on your surroundings.

Photo May 10, 23 46 45

That’s it! Let me know if it helps improve your phone’s battery life and share share share this article!

PS. In case you’re wondering if these tips work on previous models of the iPhone? Yes yes yes!


  1. I’m already doing #1, #2 and #5. I did not turn off the vibrate on ring as I sometimes need it especially in noisy areas when I can’t hear the ringtone. But I didn’t know Whatsapp has vibrate function too! Ok will turn that off. Thanks! : )

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