250,000 twitter accounts were hacked! Was yours? Find out!

So I woke up this morning with this email waiting in the inbox…


Suspicious email
I’ve been conned wayyyyy too many times so whenever emails ask me to reset my password, change my password, click to verify etc. I put on my armor and proceed with lots of care. Unless of course, I requested for the password request myself 🙂

After tweeting a snapshot of the email to the world, I got this reply from @vanHuizen_John


The digging began…
I did some search on my own and it was true. Twitter was hacked and over 250,000 twitter accounts were compromised. The hackers managed to retrieve the account information and twitter passwords of these accounts according to twitter’s official blog post.

How do I know if my twitter account was hacked?
Just because you can still tweet using your apps, it doesn’t mean your account wasn’t affected. You have to check through one of the 2 ways below 🙂

Method 1 (simplest) – goto twitter.com and try to login using your twitter account and password.


If you can’t login and you’re darn sure that’s your twitter password, there’s a high chance your account was affected and twitter has automatically ‘reset’ your password to protect your account.

Just request for a password reset here.

Method 2 – Check your email (including spam folders) if you received a similar email like mine above. Follow the instructions to reset your account.

After you’ve clicked on the link ‘twitter’ sent in that email, to verify that you are REALLY on twitter’s website, make sure the address bar in your browser shows www.twitter.com or mobile.twitter.com and NOTHING ELSE.


Help! My world will end, my account is confirmed hacked!!!
Firstly, your world will NOT end.

Secondly, twitter managed to protect all hacked accounts by acidly resetting the password of all affected accounts.

Thirdly, what the hackers managed to get was the ‘hash’ of each password. In the techie world, a hash is like a secret code made from your password that only the computers in twitter’s network will only understand. So if your password was 123456 (which is really silly) what the hackers got would be something like GHJDSJREI12433$@?!

Still panicking? Okay, leave a message below and I’ll reply to give free therapy 🙂

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