OMG! No more FREE Google Apps accounts


So if you don’t know what Google Apps is – it’s like Gmail but instead of having the usual, you get to use your domain name and create your own version of Gmail like

With a Google Apps account, you can…

  • Create multiple e-mail accounts for
  • Use it as a login to YouTube, Google Drive, Google+ and all other Google Services
  • and more…

In short, it’s like creating your own version of a “Google” world.

Initially, they offered 2 types of Google Apps accounts

  1. FREE – For personal / educational / non-profit use
  2. Business or Premium – at 50 USD / e-mail account / year but you get more space, no ads, technical support, higher service availability etc.

Starting today (8th December 2012), Google has decided to stop offering FREE Google Apps accounts and only Business accounts are offered.

If you’ve signed up for a FREE Google Apps account before this date; CONGRATULATIONS! you’re one of the lucky ones to have it FREE for life 😛 phew!

Got a business planning to have your own set of Google Services? Checkout Google Apps here.


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