The NEW iPad with a stupid name – to buy? to upgrade? to not buy?

It’s finally in Malaysia on the Friday, 20th of April 2012. This article was previously featured in my ECYAT section of TM’s EveryoneConnects.net. Want the very latest tech updates? Be sure to check it out 🙂

So here’s the deal, the day came and left – 7th March 2012 – the day many techies like me waited till around 2AM, Malaysian time anxious to hear about the next generation iPad that’s been given many names. Some called it the iPad HD, iPad 3 – in my previous blog I was hoping it wouldn’t be ridiculously called the iPad 2S.

Guess what? Now we all look stupid because Apple has decided to call it the NEW iPad. AMAZING. 1 million years down the freaking line, it’s still going to be called the NEW iPad.

In year 6000, we’ll ask for to buy the NEW iPad and the robot will present us with the iPad they launched on 7th of March 2012.

Okay, I’m done ranting about the stupid name and I forgot – Apple is always right.

Behold, The NEW iPad a.k.a iPad Gen 3

 So it’s been launched. If you haven’t heard, these are the 4 major highlights compared to the iPad 2

  • The Retina Display – It’s got Apple’s super high resolution screen, technically not the same as the iPhone 4’s as it’s less ‘sharp’ but for simplicity sake – yes, it’s the Retina Display and you’ll see the difference
  • Upgraded Camera – Yes, it’s finally got a better camera – similar optics as the iPhone 4S, so imagine pretty good pictures but you get only 5 megapixels compared to the 4S’ 8 megapixel
  • A5X chip – Quad Core Graphics – Many people are getting confused thinking the iPad Gen 3 has a quad core processor compared to the iPad 2’s dual core. It’s wrong, it’s the same dual core processor but with  dedicated quad core graphics.
  • 4G LTE Wireless – Imagine surfing at speeds of 42Mbps? In short – download a 5 full quality mp3 in 1 second!

OMG, is that really it???
Okay, apart from looking every bit like an iPad 2, it’s a mouse heavier…

  • You can finally turn your iPad into a hotspot
  • Bluetooth 4.0 – not something we should be too worried about today
  • If you hate typing – you can finally talk to the iPad and it’ll type for you
  • And yes, that’s REALLY it

Am I excited?
Well, it’s a blend of no and yes = it’s a nes. Here’s why.

The Retina Display – no doubt will wow me… that I guarantee you.

Much like when I first touched the iPhone 4 and compared that to the 3GS (with no retina display), it was a HUGE difference. Everything was significantly sharper, nicer, smoother, richer. In 1 word – freakingawesomepowsome.

BUT, not all apps supported the Retina Display when the iPhone 4 was launched. Many apps had to be upgraded and it took the developers sometime. Similarly, the NEW iPad’s Retina Display will face similar issues. Not all apps will shine in the display. I’d give it say, a few months?

Upgraded Camera – YES YES YES. It may only be 5 megapixels but it shares the same great image capturing capability of the iPhone 4S. So that’s a BIG plus. Here are some pictures taken using the NEW iPad. Click on the images to enlarge.

4G LTE Wireless – We’ve got a few “4G” service providers in Malaysia but none of them are truly 4G to say the least. I’m afraid the 4G capability of the NEW iPad will NOT shine with these providers in Malaysia. That said, we have 2 telcos in Malaysia that are already testing 4G LTE networks – one being super close to launch so hope isn’t all lost.

The rest of the features like hotspot, dictation & better graphics seem cool but not ultra exciting in my opinion.

The ultimate question, to buy or not to buy?

You’ve always wanted an iPad – this is the best time to buy the iPad 2 as prices have dropped by around 300 ringgit on most if not all models.

You have the original iPad – an upgrade to the NEW iPad will WOW you

You have an iPad 2 – I’d say wait for the next generation of the iPad. The device will feel the same and the improved screen, better camera, better graphics doesn’t make it an all-new iPad. Save the money and buy a soft toy or something.

You are looking for a tablet computer – the NEW iPad is no doubt one of the best tablet computers out there if you don’t own an iPhone or iPod touch. If you do, there are loads of other flavours for you to consider like Android’s ice-cream sandwich tablets combining the best of tablet computing and smart phones in one, Windows 8 tablets with the super swift metro interface and so much more. Check them out before you decide, it’s good to have variety.

Finally, if you’re rich, a fanboy and can’t wait to get anything that’s born from Apple land – why are you still reading this? 🙂

I’d buy the NEW iPad because of the camera and the dictation feature as I reply loads of emails BUT since I’ve got a freakingawesomepowsome dedicated camera and I do enjoy typing – I think I’ll pass.

So, will you buy the most stupidly named Apple product in the universe? Leave your comments below and I’ll try to answer all! 😛

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  1. I think what apple has done by renaming the iPad …just IPad is smart. Just think about it 80 years down the road it would be odd to call it iPad 82……and so on.

    Just like cars , a Mercedes will always have an S class, E class or C class but then just a different year of make.

    Imagine Makes would have to think of different name for every new models they launch.

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