Own a Windows Phone? Please READ this!

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Losing a phone is a traumatic experience. Even more traumatic when a dog looks at it and thinks its dinner, or a cow – it’d be a terrifying experience going through all 6 of their stomachs. Thank goodness neither happened to my Windows Phone.

So what exactly happened?
Almost every smart phone out there has a “find my phone” feature in case it does a Missing In Action.

Apple – built in – “find my iPhone” – another out-of-date name because it works with their tablets and notebooks now – it should be “find my iDevices” laaaa…

Android – doesn’t have an official one but some brands have it – if your Android doesn’t have it, grab it from this list

Windows Phone – built in – “find my phone” which allows you to track, ring, erase or lock your phone via windowsphone.com  BUT – there’s a HUGE BUT here and that’s the reason why this blog entry was written…

As you can see, my Windows Phone had the feature enabled in “settings”

The drama
So when I tried to “find my phone” after logging into windowsphone.com, I got the scariest message on the face of this planet…

I obviously freaked out – almost plucked all the hair from my eyebrows until I read an article talking about ways to get Find my Phone working perfectly… I was missing one MAJOR thing – my phone number!

All I had to do was assign a number to my Windows Phone device

And voila! Phone found – literally right next to me, hooray! 🙂

So if you haven’t assigned a number to your Windows Phone device – do it today!

Here’s a quick step by step guide

  1. Goto WindowsPhone.com and login with your Windows Live ID – the same one you logon into the Marketplace to download apps
  2. Click on “My Phone”
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. If you see your phone number below your device on the left, you’re cool – otherwise, click “update”
  5. Put in your mobile number and you’re DONE!

The first few times you “ring” or “find” your phone – depending on network quality, you may get the message the phone cannot be found. Just leave it, you’ll get an email notification a few minutes later once WindowsPhone.com successfully locates your device.

Now you may rest well, knowing that if your Windows Phone ever does an MIA on you – you’ll find it! 🙂

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