Google Maps Malaysia with LIVE Traffic updates – does it WORK?

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So if you haven’t heard, YES – the one luxury that the entire world has been enjoying (okay fine just a handful of countries) has finally landed in Malaysia!

Behold, the world of Google Maps with Traffic updates…

Announced about 2 weeks ago, Google Malaysia launched this feature and now, we can see traffic congestion updates in major parts of the Klang Valley in real time 😛

How does it affect a Malaysian like me?
Heck loads! Imagine having a super important breakfast date with your mother’s best friend and you woke up late.

In all that panic, you’re probably wondering if that road you’d be taking is jammed up – just load up Google Maps, tell it where you’re going to and it’ll show you everything – even calculating the approximate traffic jam + travel time to get to meet your mother’s best friend.

If that route takes too long, just pick one of the other alternatives Google Maps gives you! No more guessing games.

Reading the traffic conditions

  • Red – Don’t bother – it’s super freaking JAMMED, better to walk
  • Yellow – You’d be stopping and going – drop by the loo before driving
  • Green – Smooth flowing baby!
  • No additional colours – the area doesn’t have traffic updates

Is it accurate?
Well, I was a little sceptical when I heard about the service. Come on, the last thing you’d want is to annoy your mum’s best friend right? So I put it to the test…

Is it FREE?
Sometimes I wonder if Google is indeed Santa – this service is absolutely FREE and you can almost get it on anything that has access to the Internet!

On your computer – just drop by and follow the steps below…

Click on this dot to tell Google Maps where you are

On the far right, you’ll see traffic, click on that to make sure you see a “tick” next to it

And tada! From without traffic

To traffic before your eyes…

Getting estimated travel time and alternate routes

On your iOS devices
Start your built-in Maps app

Tap on the tab on the bottom right corner and make sure “traffic” is turned “on”

Traffic is displayed!

On your Android devices
Start your built-in Maps app and tap on the area marked in red

Select “traffic”


On Windows Phone
Download this app called “Gmaps”

Launch the Gmaps app tap on the widget bar on the right

Select the “traffic” icon and tada!

So there ya go! Thank you Google for this awesome FREE addition to the lives of all Malaysians! Please keep the freebies coming 🙂

Tried out Google Maps with traffic yet? What are your thoughts, leave your comments below and I’ll do my best to reply. Oh, don’t forget to ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ this post ya. Button right on top.

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