Mint, Wall-E’s friend – It cleans, mops and is for sale!

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So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking “who the heck is Wall-E?”… then TADA!

You see, in the cartoon, Wall-E meets a friend who frantically cleans after him / her / it after it enters the massive ship called the “AXIOM” where all the humans live after planet earth is filled with garbage. This robot friend of his is called M-O a.k.a microbe obliterator…

I think I’ve found a real life one in Malaysia!

Behold… the Mint robot cleaner and mopper!

Okay, it might not look as cute as the M-O, doesn’t really have yellow glowing eyes but this fella is as tough as M-O and would mop, sweep, clean till its battery goes flat.

I’ve reviewed Samsung’s Navibot Robotic vacuum cleaner in the past. It vacuums well, is intelligent and cleans room to room but what it doesn’t do is give you that squeaky clean after-mop feel – this is something the Mint robot does incredibly well.

How does it size up?
The first time I saw Mint – I didn’t think much of it but my wife thought of it as a pet. She named it Minty. That aside…

This fella is SMALL. Mint is about the thickness of half a brick, probably 1/3 the dimensions of a 10 inch tablet and is around the weight of a 1-litre bottle of soft drink. You get this idea 🙂
Comes with a convenient handle so you can lug it around…

3 simple buttons, power, sweep and mop

Autosensing bumpers so it doesn’t hit your pet hamster

Anti-fall sensors

It’s doesn’t come with a charging dock so you’d have to manually plug it in

Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners that use the camera or just bumps around endlessly, Mint comes with some form of a Navigator called the NorthStar – that beams dots invisible to the naked eye onto the ceiling to guide Mint around.

How does it clean?
For cleaning, It doesn’t use brushes nor a bin to store the dust – instead, you attached one of the bundled cleaner cloths with a magnetic pad.

Want a quick sweep? – attach the cleaner cloth, hit sweep and it goes for 3 whole hours!

Want a quick mop? – wet the cleaner cloth, attach it, hit mop and it does the job continuously for 2 hours!

How do you clean Mint?
This is probably the simplest thing to clean. Simply pull the magnetically attached pad, pull out the cleaning cloth, run it over water, dry and you’re done! AMAZING!

If you found that difficult – you’re probably a very very VERY lazy giraffe.

Don’t the cloths wear out over time? Yes of course but thank goodness for my very wife’s very kiasu-mind, she found an alternative which does the job just as well instead of buying refills from the manufacturer… TADA!

The 100 Yen shop’s disposable all-purpose cloth cleaner @ only 5 ringgit!

Some things to consider…
Not for super large, dusty rooms – As it doesn’t come with built-in bin, Mint is only as effective as the amount of dust its cleaning cloth can capture. For very dusty places, you may need to replace the cloth at least once during cleaning

Cleans only 1 room – Unlike some robotic cleaners out there, Mint only cleans 1 room or as far as the NorthStar rays can reach – which is about 800 square feet

Doesn’t auto-recharge – It doesn’t come with a dock because the manufacturer expects you to remove the cleaning cloth after every cleaning session – it’d still be nice to see it return to a dock for auto-charging

Doesn’t allow auto-scheduling – Again, since it doesn’t auto charge and you’d be required to give it fresh clean cloth for every cleaning session, the manufacturer left this feature

Should you still buy it?
Well, I’ve got another robot at home which vacuums and cleans but Mint I must say is one we use really often because it’s whisper quiet & does the mopping job REALLY well. It doesn’t disturb my pets and it has reached places I never thought existed. My toilets, bedrooms, study have never been this clean before!

At a price tag of about RM 1,200 – I think it beats employing someone to do the job for ya. Great for lazy people like me 🙂

So would you pick up the closest thing we’ve got to Wall-E’s cleaner friend M-O?

Leave your comments below and I’ll do my best to reply to all!

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  1. Thanks Ben ! I visited the website but they’re selling Picabot only. Not the Mint that I want. Any ideas ? Where did you get yours from ?

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