Klang + possibly the most beautiful Birthday cake in the world… = ?

Happy… Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… it was my mum’s birthday celebration thingy over the weekend. Well, not her exact date of birth – we decided to celebrate it a few days earlier as it’s the weekend and the entire family gets to come together…

My family and I took her to a VERY REMOTE part of Klang – ok fine, not that remote but took us approximately 40 minutes to drive from Damansara to Tanjung Harapan and finally, Bagan Hailam.


Food wasn’t the best in the world, it was alright… the view wasn’t too bad – boats going by, the sea right beneath the restaurant’s wooden extension… but I think the highlight of the night was the birthday cake Stella (my wife) got for her – btw, I picked the design ๐Ÿ˜› (eh, gotta praise myself a little k?) – it’s called Love Is In The Air – check it out!


Isn’t it the most beautiful birthday cake you have ever seen? Every ‘cupcake’ was intricately designed… some had clouds and a heart shape over it, some had letters that spelled ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’… just beautiful…

So I spent the night at my parent’s place…

Next morning, my mum was already busy cooking – she’s got this thing – this obsession with baking and cooking – guess what?

Home made PIZZA with generous servings of CHEESE and MEAT and whatever you want on a PIZZA…


AND… TADA! Another Birthday cake she baked for herself! A home made Durian cake!


Everything looked so good that one of my dogs got jealous… and I’ve got proof…


My mum is amazing… Happy Birthday mummy!

PS. My mum is taking orders for the durian cake… let me know if you are interested ๐Ÿ˜›

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