Greatest memory so far… sights & shots through a Satio

So I wasn’t on-air the whole of last week… some people knew why some people didn’t. Was it a regular break – NOT. It was to celebrate 2 things…  Stella’s Birthday & days after that – our 1st Anniversary! Exactly one year ago, I still remember being at the registrar of marriage – Stella and I being extremely excited and believe it or not, it was the 1st time Stella’s dad met my parents after dating for many many YEARS!

A couple of days before the anniversary I decided to book one of my most favourite destinations in Malaysia where we’ll be bathed in nothing but top class service, beautiful scenes, romantic moments, peacocks running around – the one & only – Pangkor Laut Resort!

Get ready for LOTS and LOTS of pictures – click on any of them to enlarge…

20th November … after a night of packing, late night movie and 3 hours of sleep – we woke up at 6:30am – and starting moving… along the way, Stella got fascinated with something that was facing her from a lorry… a bunch of cow’s bum…


After through some scenic routes and getting fascinated by a a couple of cow’s bum, we finally arrived at the Lumut Jetty… the private boat was already waiting and I was required to wear an orange suit…


20 minutes into the ride… and then it appeared…


Welcome to Pangkor Laut Resort! One of the few resorts in the world where the entire island is owned by the resort itself… while enjoying the beauty… I could almost hear Black Eyed Peas – I Got a Feeling playing the background when suddenly… RIIINNNGGGG! Wahlau – my phone was ringing in the middle of the ocean! Guess what? An urgent tech support call…

So the first thing I did on the island was – Tech Support… see how happily I was smiling? 😛


While I was troubleshooting at the lobby… Stella went around and took panoramic shots of the surrounding… (make sure you click the picture to enlarge)


and finally… my troubleshooting was done… we checked in being the kiasu cheap style type – I went for one of the lower categories… Casey who has attended to us the few times we went there was so awesome – she upgraded us to a Sea Villa… YEEHA!


Isn’t the view just GORGEOUS? Man… Then we decided to walk around and saw this bird trying to poop…


Can’t see it? Ok fine, let me enlarge it all the way – some deterioration of quality will occur…


Question is, was the bird really pooping? OR was it taking a leak on the rock? Then it was food… oh glorious food at this beach Pangkor Laut calls – the Emerald Bay…


checkout the view! (make sure you click to enlarge)


Then it was one of those picture moments…


and we took more panaromic shots of the place… (why Stella lifted her arm I don’t know…)


At one point during the trip, we were having lunch and out comes… a PEACOCK!


I also decided to take some artsy fartsy photos… sorry – picture is a little senget – okaylar amateur wat…


That said, one of the biggest surprise was on the night of our anniversary – we were having dinner then suddenly… TADA!


and to make it more personal, the staff members each signed on this card…


Ah… thank you sooo much… Casey, the staff members of Pangkor Laut Resort – you guys really made our 1st Anniversary something we’ll treasure for a looooooonnnng time.


Oh yeah, I mentioned something about the Satio? I didn’t even bring a proper camera for this trip. All the pictures shown here including the panoramic ones were unedited and taken using my new toy – the Sony Ericsson Satio – 12.1 megapixel yo! 🙂

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