Mobile operators gone nuts…

It’s pretty official. Network operators in Malaysia are literally undercutting each other from super low SMS charges to super low phone charges.

The original five TimeCel, Maxis, Celcom, Digi and TmTouch, now just Maxis, Celcom and Digi after the government requested for the merging of some operators are now at a neck to neck fight.

The operators used to charge 15 cents per SMS, 30 cents per minute charge for regional calls (approximately within a span of 3 states) or 80 cents per minute charge for adjacent states, then there’s the RM 60 monthly access fee for postpaid lines and brand new prepaid startup packs at a peak of RM 238.

Today, some operators are offering 1 cent per SMS, 15 cents per minute charge for phone calls within the network peninsular wide, ZERO monthly access fee charges for postpaid lines, brand new prepaid startup packs for as low as RM 18 (inclusive of RM 10 talktime).

Believe it or not? The price is still dropping like CRAZY. These operators aren’t gonna give up. So who’s gonna win?

These operators are going to keep slashing their prices and lose revenue until a point where they can’t take it no more. In my opinion, the end winner here is none of the operators but us! The consumers. We are the ones who will benefit greatly from the cut in charges. The lower the merrier! What do you say?

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