A must… E-Commerce from Scratch!

I have been an enthusiast in Server Side technologies for a while. Starting from Allaire’s Cold Fusion, now Macromedia’s Cold Fusion, to the classic ASP (Active Server Pages) and now ASP.NET 1.1.

My first impression of ASP.NET was – “WOW! This is incredibly easy to do!”. Developing with ASP.NET was great but there were many ASP.NET controls which were a great mystery to me.

I have been developing a number of web based applications for a while and I must say, there are still things which bug me in ASP.NET. Some questions like, how to effectively use Datagrid Control’s advanced features to efficient use of cookies were simply left unexplained.

The university in which I am persuing my degree uses this book, Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional extensively for one of our E-Commerce subjects. My first impression was, “ok, everything looks rather similar to some of the techniques which I knew..” but I WAS WRONG!

This book truly demystified datagrid and showed many techniques which would come in pretty handy in developing web applications – not just e-commerce websites.

Step by step is the key in this book. Right from the point of designing pages all the way to coding and to the point of even integrating with the ever famous Paypal for receiving payments over the internet!

It is a little like “E-Commerce, DO-IT-YOURSELF in a BOX!”

There is nothing too technical in the book. Most if not all from coding techniques to design interface is explained in detail.

A must for anyone who is interested in E-Commerce with ASP.NET!

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