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Print your Instagram photos – now with FREE shipping to Malaysia!


If you’re like me and you LOVE Instagram, you’d like to know there’s a service that does the printing, cutting, lamination with FREE shipping of your Picasso-like shots on Instagram! Introducing… Portagram! Why print Instagram photos? Sometimes, nothing beats having a physical picture to hold; and yes, I’m talking about my grandma who complaints that we LOVE taking photos but ... Read More »

5 BIG tips to improve battery life on your iPhone 5


So one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone 5 is the battery life despite Apple’s claim that it is meant to outperform it’s older siblings. Like many users, I’ve experienced similar battery issues so I did my research and found the iPhone 5 to REALLY outperform many other phones out there and this isn’t according to Apple – these ... Read More »

Microsoft Surface RT vs the mighty iPad, Malaysian Review


So Microsoft Surface RT has finally arrived on Malaysian shores after it’s debut in the US earlier this year. The good news, I’ve finally gotten my hands on one! Woohoo! Pricing? Priced at RM 1,549 and RM 1,849 for 32 GB and 64 GB respectively, it’s priced competitively against it’s BIGGEST competitor – the iPad which goes for RM 1,799 (32GB WiFi) & RM 2,099 (64GB WiFi). Some comparison ... Read More »

250,000 twitter accounts were hacked! Was yours? Find out!


So I woke up this morning with this email waiting in the inbox… Suspicious email I’ve been conned wayyyyy too many times so whenever emails ask me to reset my password, change my password, click to verify etc. I put on my armor and proceed with lots of care. Unless of course, I requested for the password request myself After ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Camera – A Malaysian Review


So once in a blue-moon a product enters the gadget world; causes a shake, stir and confuses the heck of everyone. It’s not a phone trying to be a camera or a phone with an awesome camera or camera trying to be a phone or simply a pure compact camera… Confused? Let me explain… This is a camera hybrid with ... Read More »

Apple Store Malaysia on a 1 day sale! Worth it?


It’s that time of the year when Apple releases that limited – one-day only sale. As a company that doesn’t offer discount in it’s stores, this is a pretty big deal for Apple lovers. It officially starts 25th Jan 2013 – 12am – 11:59pm – literally 24 hours. What’s the discount range? Only selected items are on sale and most ... Read More »

Phewtick – next BIG thing in 2013 or a SCAM?


It was one of random calls I got while on-air. There’s this girl screaming with joy talking about this thing that’s gotten her entire company nuts! At first I thought it was a zombie attack; which could have been quite exciting to talk about except that it wasn’t. It was this thing app called Phewtick and all her colleagues were ... Read More »

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